Paradisus Los Cabos 2018

Ask me how to travel in style to Paradisus Los Cabos in Mexico . Earn a free trip to this paradise in 2018! Contact me for more information.

100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening & Empowerment:

100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening & Empowerment: Blending Voices Creating Change Kindle Edition – November 22, 2016 I am excited that I wrote a chapter titled “Cloud of Doomsday”, about how I weathered one of the greatest ...

Magic Bullet® Hallelujah Hummus

Recently I had the opportunity to order The Original Magic Bullet®, high speed blender & mixer, 11 piece set. I remember clearly that my late daughter Noëlle asked for this little machine when she was a preteen after watching the infomercial ...

Can You Call It Coffee?

As soon as the colder weather sets in, I grave something more substantial than thee. Since I don’t drink coffee normally, except the very occasional decaf espresso, I look for my assortment of grain coffees. I love the aroma and the ...

Organic Pie Baking

Especially in the Fall and Winter, I love to bake organic pies using the very best quality ingredients and recipes. The wonderful aroma that fills the house while the pie is baking and the pleasure of indulging in a treat once in a while is ...

Kira’s Burrito Bowl

Kira’s Burrito Bowl (phase 2, week 1) Post Fresh Start Cleanse. Find out more about the Fresh Start Cleanse HERE, password: fresh start

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