Wellness Freedom Project™

How to start your own Online Wellness business.


Discover my insider secrets to starting a business online in the Health and Wellness Industry. Download your Guide To An Online Wellness Business below.

Prior to Wellness Freedom Project, I was working on my continued wellness education, learning how to build WordPress websites and creating my wellness coaching programs. I am a Certified Wellness -, Holistic Life – & Stress Management Coach but I wanted to be able to also guide women (and a few smart men) how to create their own Online Wellness Business. I never imagined where this journey would take me.

Since, starting my Online Wellness Business Program (Wellness Freedom Project),
I have been able to learn how to guide my team and I’ve been on the road to financial wellness.

More than those amazing benefits, I have grown as a person and have made lifelong friends. I have learned the skills that it takes to succeed and I am blessed to share them with my amazing team. This team is highly motivated and serious to impact their lives and everyone they touch.

Wellness Freedom Project has changed my life and I will be forever grateful!

Ariëlle Verwey
Founder of Wellness Freedom Project